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For a lone warrior like me the AS 50 is the perfect equipment – clean tools, clean image.

Great system and super service. It perfectly separates paint from water conforming to the law and the environment. It’s simply brilliant.

Tool cleaning without our compact unit? Simply unthinkable! For many years now the washbasin from aqua-service has been an essential part of our daily business. And, to be quite honest, every workshop should have one!

Our company stands for quality and cleanliness, both at customers’ sites as well as with our internal operating procedures. For these reasons the system from aqua-service managed to totally convince us. aqua-service is the only company capable of building tool cleaning and water recycling systems for a business of our size. And their honest and competent consulting service was a great help towards our purchase decision.

There are 20 of us using an AC 400 in combination with a WP2 washbasin. This unit operates perfectly and trouble-free. Based on our day-to-day experience we would like to advise all companies with 15 or more employees to go for an AC 800 with a WP2 washbasin. You won’t regret it. All my employees are absolutely hooked on this system.

All our employees are coping extremely well with this system. It guaranties clean, effective and trouble-free handling.

Our company stands for quality and cleanliness, both at customers’ sites as well as with our internal operating procedures. This unit keeps its promise: Fast and brilliant tool cleaning, easy handling, no unpleasant smells and clean water. We are persuaded of aqua-service, and we can surely recommend their systems.

Our trainees as well as our course participants feel extremely comfortable with these units. This is the end of foul sedimentation tanks! And most important – the disposal of treated wastewater is environmentally sound and conforming to the law. It is fascinating to watch the pigments separating from the water, and producing clean water at the end. This is the best that money can buy!

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